TCS NQT Registration Process 2024

TCS NQT Registration Process for Freshers

Find the TCS NQT Registration Process for freshers 2024 on this page. You will find all the important details regarding the TCS NQT Registration. The last date for registration is April 25th, 2024, and you need to register correctly, or else you will not receive the hall ticket.

TCS NQT Registration Process:- Step by Step

Step 1: Find the link on this page:- TCS Application linkĀ 

Step 2: On the registration page, you will get two options, “IT” and “BPS”. Click on “IT”.

Step 3: Enter your email address. It is very important to enter the correct email address on this step as all further communications will be sent to this email address.

Step 4: After entering the email address, you will receive an OTP for verification. Enter the OTP manually, you cannot copy-paste it.

Step 5: After verification, you will need to enter the Aadhar Card details, Full Name, and Date of Birth. Enter the same details as your Aadhar Card, for verification.

Step 6: Next you will get the privacy note, read it carefully, and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 7: After this step, you have to fill out all the personal details. This part is generally very confusing for students, as the form is very lengthy and has a lot of fields that can be a little difficult to fill.

Step 8: Fill out the personal details, including your full name, date of birth, gender, and email address. These should be the same as your Aadhar Card, for verification.

Step 9: Next you have to fill out your educational details. Enter the name of your institute, qualifications, and year of passing. There is a drop-down for the fields, so you can check there.

Step 10: Sometimes, due to internet issues, the drop-down can not be visible, so try to have a stable and good connection.

Step 11: Next you have to select the nearest test location. Make sure your test location is suitable for you and easy to travel to.

Step 12: Next you have to select the nearest TCS office location.

Step 13: On successfully entering all the details, you will get an image captcha. Enter it to validate.

Step 14: Once the captcha is validated, a pop-up box will open showing the details you entered. If the entered details are correct you can confirm and proceed further. If the entered details are wrong, cancel and go back to correct the details.

Step 15: Once you have confirmed the details, and clicked on the submit button, you will receive the TCS Registration ID. It is also known as the CT/DT Reference ID.

Step 16: Note down this number, as it is very important for further application process. You will also get an email on your registered email address with the same CT/DT Reference ID.

Step 17: After noting down the TCS NQT Registration number, you will get a captcha for validation. On successful validation, you will move on to the next steps.

Step 18: You will be redirected to a Log In Box. Enter the email address on the given box and click on enter.

Step 19: You will receive an OTP in your registered email address which you need to enter here. Once you have done that, you can go log in to the portal.

Step 20: After login, you will get the application window. Here, you can start filling out your TCS NQT Registration form.

Step 21: In the form, you have to enter your details. Your earlier details will show on this window, which you cannot change anymore.

Step 22: Additional details that you need to add include your address and other details. Once you have entered all the details, click on save.

Step 23: Next you have to enter your academic and work experience details. In this enter your higher qualification, graduation details, XII grade details, Diploma, Xth marks, etc.

Step 24: If you have any additional qualifications, you can add it under the “Any Other Qualification” section.

Step 25: Next if you have any relevant work experience, you can enter it in the Work Experience Section.

Step 26: After entering education details, you will have to fill out the “Other Details” section. In this you have to fill, Nationality, Languages Known, Your achievements, scholarships if any, your updated CV, and lastly your updated photograph.

Step 27: Once all the details are entered you will get the option to preview the application form. Go through this preview carefully and check all the details.

Step 28: Once all the details are validated you can then accept the declaration and confirm your application.

Step 29: Once your application is submitted you will get the option to “Apply For Drive”, asking whether or not you want to. Click on “Yes” to apply for drive.

Step 30: It is very very important that you select Yes in this part, or else you will not register for this exam.

Step 31: Next, you will be asked to select the nearest three test centers. As the exam is In-Center, you have to travel to a TCS iON center to attend the exam.

Step 32: Enter the locations most preferred to you and click on apply.

Step 33: Once you have submitted the details, your application is sent.

Step 34: TCS can sometimes not send a confirmation email. So do not worry if you do not receive one. You can track your application via your CT/DT number, by logging into the TCS NextStep Portal.

Eligibility Criteria:-

  • Students passing out in 2024
  • Minimum 60% or 6 CGPA throughout academics
  • Degree in B.Tech/BE/M.Tech/M.E./MCA/M. Sc/
  • One backlog during the exam.
  • No backlogs during the final selection process.
  • Maximum 2 years education gap
  • The age group of 18 to 28 years.

Exam Pattern:-

There are two rounds in this exam:-

  1. TCS Foundation Section
  2. TCS Advanced Section

TCS Foundation Section:-

  • Number of sub-sections:- 3
    • Numerical Ability
    • Reasoning Ability
    • Verbal Ability
  • Time Duration:- 75 mins
  • Number of Questions:- 65 questions

TCS Advanced Section:-

  • Number of sub-sections:- 2
    • Advanced Quantitative and Reasoning Ability
    • Advanced Coding
  • Time Duration:- 115 mins
  • Number of Questions:- 18 Questions

TCS NQT Pattern

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Question 1: What is the date for the TCS NQT exam?

Answer: The TCS NQT exam is from the 26th of April, 2024.

Question 2: When is the last date for TCS NQT Registration?

Answer: The last date for TCS NQT Registration is the 25th of April, 2024.

Question 3: Where can you register for the TCS NQT exam?

Answer: You can register for TCS NQT from this link:- Application link

Question 4: What is the mode of the Test?

Answer: The test is in Offline mode and candidates have to go to the TCS iON center for the exam.

Question 5: What are the steps to register for TCS NQT?


  1. Sign up on the TCS Next Step Portal
  2. Once you receive the CT/DT number, fill out the form with all the complete details.
  3. You will get the apply for drive option, where you can select the location.

Question 6: Do I get any confirmation email on successful TCS NQT Registration?

Answer: No, there is no confirmation email on successful TCS NQT Registration. You will get the remaining communication emails on your registered ID.

Question 7: I have forgotten my CT/DT number, what to do?

Answer: You will receive the number in your inbox, you can check there.

Question 8: I have created my profile under “BPS” instead of “IT”. What should I do?

Answer: Send an email to [email protected] to ask for the removal of the account. And create a new profile under IT.

Question 9: What documents are required for the TCS NQT registration process?


You must have all your X, XII, Diploma (if applicable), UG, and PG (if applicable) academic mark sheets, semester, and degree certificates. Original documents will be verified at the time of the interview as well as joining.

  1. X
  2. XII
  3. PG
  4. UG
  5. Marksheets

Question 10: How will I get the results?

Answer: The results will be sent to you to your registered email address.

Question 11: Who should I contact in case of any assistance?

Answer: You can reach out to the TCS Helpdesk team at [email protected] or call at 18002093111

Question 12: What documents are required if I have work experience?

Answer: For working candidates, you need to provide an experience letter, and release letter, where your date of joining and date of release are mentioned.

Question 13: Where will I get all the test-related information? Including exam patterns and test emails?

Answer: You will get all the information in your registered email address.

Question 14: What to do if I have created 2 profiles?

Answer: Only one profile is allowed per candidate. In case you have created 2 you need to contact the support team to delete one id.

Question 15: I am not able to edit my application. What should I do?

Answer: You can write to the TCS support team for such problems.

Question 16: Can I change my photo in the TCS application form?

Answer: Yes you can update your photograph.

Question 17: Where would the test be conducted?

Answer: Since the test is In Center, you will have to travel to the locations. At the time of registration, you will get the option to choose your locations.

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