TCS NQT Placement Papers and Questions 2023

TCS NQT Placement Papers Questions with Answers 2023

The TCS NQT syllabus has been thoroughly explored in this article. TCS has made known that it will be employing graduates for 2023 via the NQT (National Qualifier Test).

TCS’s NQT pattern for this year is entirely changed. Pattern-based practice problems for TCS NQT Written Test Questions are accessible on the PrepInsta website. Before beginning the exam, you might want to read through each section.  TCS NQT Test’s pattern has altered, as some sections have been replaced with new sections and others have been added this year.

TCS NQT is an Off-Campus Hiring that gives graduates of 2023 the opportunity to land the position of their dreams.

Detailed TCS NQT Exam Pattern for 2023 year is given below.

TCS NQT has 2 Rounds in its Off-campus drive:

  • Round 1 – TCS NQT Foundation Section(For Ninja aspirants)
  • Round 2 – TCS NQT Advanced Section ( Mandatory for digital Aspirants )
TCS NQT Round 1 (Foundation) Round 2 (Advance)
Total no. of question 65 Questions + 1 Question Traits (varying) 20 Questions and 2 Coding Questions
Allotted Time 75 mins (shared) 35 mins (shared)+ 55 mins
Total Sections 4 sections 3 sections

Note: The format is for TCS On- Campus Exams.

  1. There will be no negative marking.
  2. In the Advanced section, Both MCQ type and non-MCQ type questions will be asked.
  3. For non-MCQ type questions, the candidate should enter the answer in the space provided on the screen using the on-screen keyboard. The answer should not contain any units like m, km, %, ₹ etc.
  4. This year, traits have varied depending on colleges in On- Campus Exams, but they are mandatory in Off- Campus Exams
  5. TCS NQT is non- adaptive this year
  6. You will not get any extra rough paper in the exam as a calculator and Rough Paper will be available on your Desktop Screen. You are not allowed to move your eyes down while giving the examination.

More Information for TCS – NQT 2023

TCS NQT Placement Papers Pattern 2023:-

TCS NQT Curriculum modifications were done this year. Considering that TCS will run the TCS NQT Test on the TCS iON platform. There is no email writing element in this test. There will be two rounds named as:

  1. Foundation Section (For Ninja aspirants)
  2. Advance Section (mandatory for Digital Aspirants)

Part A- Foundation Section

There are 4 sub parts in Part A of the TCS Off-Campus Drive’s NQT Placement Paper, which is the Foundation Section. Eligible candidates are B.Tech, B.E, M.E, MTech, MCA and M.Sc. Students.

Below we have discussed TCS NQT Foundation Section Placement Paper details:

TCS NQT Foundation Section:

  1. Traits (varies depending on college)
  2. Numerical Ability
  3. Verbal Ability
  4. Reasoning Ability

TCS NQT Aptitude Test Curriculum

Quantitative Aptitude

Click here – TCS NQT Numerical Ability

Verbal Ability –

Click here – TCS NQT Verbal Ability

Logical Ability –

Click here – TCS NQT Logical Ability

Detailed Analysis

  • Total number of Questions: 66 questions
  • Total Time: 75 mins (shared)
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Marking Scheme: No Negative Marking
  • Cut-Off: 75%

Part B- Advanced Section

TCS NQT Placement Papers Part B (which is Advance section) is mandatory for Digital candidates i.e., if you have cleared the Foundation Section then only you will be able to sit for Advance section.

TCS NQT Placement Papers Digital Round Curriculum

Advanced Quantitative Syllabus

Click here – Advanced Quantative Reasoning Ability

Advanced Logical Ability –

Click here – Advanced Logical Reasoning Ability

Advanced Coding –

The languages that are allowed for you to code are –

Detailed Analysis

  • Total number of Questions: 20 MCQ and Non- MCQ + 2 Coding questions
  • Total Time: 35 + 55 mins (shared)
  • Difficulty: High
  • Marking Scheme: No Negative Marking
  • Cut-Off: 75%
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