TCS NQT Foundation Logical Ability Questions with Answers 2023

TCS NQT Foundation Logical Ability Questions and Answers 2023

In the TCS NQT Foundation Logical ability Questions and Answers, you will have 75 shared minutes to answer 20 questions.

You’ll have about 1 minute to answer a question.The fourth portion of the test is the TCS NQT Logical Test Paper.


There won’t be any failing grades.

You can discover all the information about the TCS NQT Latest Syllabus and the fundamentals of the logical questions asked in the TCS NQT exam right here on this page.

  • Questions: 20
  • Time Duration:  75 Minutes (shared)
  • Negative Marking: No

    TCS NQT Foundation Logical ability Curriculum

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    Practice Questions for Logical Ability

    You can see in this table how difficult the TCS NQT Logical Ability questions are as well as how long it should take you to finish them.

    1:- P, R, S, and T compete in a race. No two people are tied. Assume that everyone keeps their speed constant during the race. The following remark was made as the first individual approached the halfway point:

    • Q is ahead of R but Behind T.
    • S is ahead of P but Behind Q.
    • Find who wins the race?




    d)Cannot be determined

    Answer:- a)T

    Explanation: -The pattern followed in the above question is:


    2:- Look at this series: 2, 1, (1/2), (1/4), … What number should come next?





    Answer:- b)

    Explanation:-Each number in this straightforward division series is equal to one-half of the one before it.

    To put it another way, the number is divided by 2 consecutively to arrive at the following outcome.

    3:- View this series: 52, 52, 40, 40, 28, 28, … What number should come next?





    Answer:- a)

    Explanation:- In this sequence, each number is repeated once, and then 12 is taken away to get the following number.

    4:-Aniket is older than Anshuman.
    Rehan is older than Aniket.
    Anshuman is older than Rehan.
    If the first two statements are true, the third statement is:



    c)Can’t say

    d)None of these


    Explanation:- Because the first two statements are true,Anshuman is the youngest of the three, so the third statement must be false.

    5:-Apartments in the East Delhi cost less than apartments in West Delhi.
    Apartments in the South Delhi cost more than apartments in the West Delhi.
    Of the three apartment buildings, the South Delhi costs the most.
    If the first two statements are true, the third statement is



    c)Can’t say

    d)None of these


    Explanation:-It is accurate to say that the South Delhi is the most expensive because it costs more than both West Delhi and the East Delhi.

    6:- Statement: Should India encourage exports, when most things are insufficient for internal use itself? Arguments: I. Yes. We have to earn foreign exchange to pay for our imports. II. No. Even selective encouragement would lead to shortages.

    a)Both I and II are strong.

    b)only argument I is strong.

    c)Either I or II is strong.

    d)only argument II is strong.

    Answer:- b)

    7:- In certain coding languages, BANKRUPT is coded as ABMLQVOU. How SUBTRACT is coded in that language?





    Answer: – b)

    Explanation:- -1, +1 sequence, For every alternate letter this sequence is followed like B becomes A (-1), A becomes B (+1), just keep this sequence and you will get the result.

    8:- In Certain Language, PREP is coded as 3025 and DANCE as 729. How PREPINSTA is coded in that code language?

    a) 13924

    b) 13612

    c) 14400

    d) 14441

    Answer:- a)

    Explanation:- (sum of Square of each letter Alphabetical position)

    PREP- 16+18+5+16=(55) i.e 55×55=3025

    Similarly DANCE= 729

    PREPINSTA- 16+18+5+16+9+14+19+20+1 =(118) i.e. 118×118=13924

    9:-One Evening Bushan And Angad were standing on a ground facing each other. The shadow of Angad was falling to his left. In which direction was bushan facing?

    a) west

    b) north

    c) south

    d) east


    Explanation:- If angad was facing north then only his shadow will be on the left side.






    Answer:- b)

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