TCS NQT Advanced Section Syllabus 2023

TCS NQT Advanced Section Syllabus

The TCS NQT Advanced Section Syllabus will be discussed in this page. Advanced Quantitative Ability, Advanced Reasoning Ability and Advance Coding are the three sub-sections that make up the TCS NQT Advance Section, the second component of the test. The difficulty level of the advance section is medium to high. Students now have a better chance than ever to be hired for TCS Digital. In terms of pay and job experience, this is a far better position. TCS NQT Advance Coding Section, an additional portion in the TCS NQT exam for being qualified for Digital, must be answered in order to be considered for this position.

Compared to the typical TCS coding round, this one is a little different. Instead of 5, there will be 2 problem statements, each with a total of 2 visible and 3 concealed test cases. To evaluate whether your output is coming as intended, test cases are essentially compiler-generated input.

This phase will take 55 minutes to complete.

This exam will help you to get the upgrade post in TCS i.e, Digital profile, differs in that it places a greater emphasis on the digital components of empowering organisations, which comprise five domains: social media and analytics, big data, internet of things, cloud computing, and mobility.

Along with the most recent details on the TCS NQT Advance Section, PrepInsta provides practise questions corresponding to those on the TCS NQT Test.

TCS NQT Advanced Section Detailed Overview:

Information in depth on TCS NQT Advance Section is given below:

  • Advance Quantitative Ability

    • Questions –  8- 10 Ques (variable)
    • Total time: 20 min
  • Advance Reasoning Ability
    • Questions –  7- 8 Ques (variable)
    • Time – 15 mins
  • Advance Coding

    • Questions- 2
    • Time- 55 mins

TCS NQT Advance Section

Let’s discuss the topics that need to be focused while preparing for this section.

Advance Quantitative Ability Topics

Advanced Aptitude is a sub-section of TCS NQT Advance Section.

Advanced Quantitative Ability latest curriculum for Advance Quants is given below:-

  1. HCF & LCM and Number System
  2. Geometry
  3. Ages
  4. Allegations and Mixtures
  5. Averages
  6. Clocks and Calendars
  7. Equations
  8. Percentages
  9. Permutations and Combinations
  10. Probability
  11. Profit and Loss
  12. Ratios and Proportion
  13. Series and Progressions
  14. Time, Speed and Distance
  15. Time and Work
  16.  Mean, Median, Mode, Standard Deviation, and Variance
  17. Data Interpretation
  18. Graphical Data Interpretation
  19. Pie Charts
  20. Tabular Data Interpretation
  21. Simple Arithmetic Operations

Advanced Reasoning Ability

This section consists of 7-8 Questions (varying). All the questions from the TCS NQT are included below.

  1. Words Identification
  2. Meaningful Word Creation
  3. Numerical Patterns
  4. Letter Analogy
  5.  Ages
  6. Blood Relations
  7.  Complex Seating Arrangements
  8. Distance and Directions
  9. Odd Man Out
  10. Symbols and Notations
  11.  Cube and Paper Folding
  12. Data Sufficiency
  13. Decision Making
  14. Syllogism
  15. Prepositional Reasoning
  16. Visual Reasoning

Advanced Coding Ability

This section consists of two questions, and you have 55 minutes to answer them. You must provide a solution in any of your preferred coding languages to the problems in this area. The available languages are given below.

The following languages are acceptable for coding:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • Perl
  • +more

You can check out the given page for practicing the questions, TCS NQT Papers and get higher chance for clearing that round.

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