TCS NQT Advanced Reasoning Ability Questions and Answers 2023

TCS NQT Advanced Reasoning Ability Questions and Answers

The TCS NQT Advance round includes a segment titled TCS NQT Advance Reasoning Questions and Answers. To make this portion easier for students to understand, we will explain the examination format for this section, topic-by-topic analysis, difficulty, and importance.

TCS NQT Round 1 (Foundation) Round 2 (Advance)
Total no. of question 65-70 Questions 20 Questions and 2 Coding Questions
Allotted Time 75 mins 35 mins (shared) + 55 mins(coding round)
Total Sections 4 sections 3 sections

TCS ITP Advanced Reasoning

This round is mandatory for digital aspirants and difficulty level of this round is high. Below mentioned are the topics which will be included in this round:

Important Note:

TCS NQT Part A – Numerical Ability Test Detailed Analysis

  • Total number of Questions:  20 Questions
  • Total Time: 75 mins (shared)
  • Difficulty: Moderate-High
  • Marking Scheme: No Negative Marking
  • Cut-Off: 75%

Q1. In the following alphabet series, one term missing as shown by the question mark. Choose missing term from options J,H,F,D,?.?

a) C,Z




Answer: B


D-2= B

Q2. In a certain code language if the word “PERMIT” is coded as TIMREP, then how will you code the word “REJECTION”?




d)None of these above

Answer: A

Explanation: Given in a certain code language if the word PERMIT is coded as TIMREP, It is reverse of the given word therefore, REJECTION is NOITCEJER

Q3. A group of five boys had a 26-pound average weight. Find the new body weight if we swap out a 25-pound boy for another boy in the group, raising the new average by 3.





Answer: C

The weight of new person = Weight of the removed person + No. of persons * Increase in average.
= 25+5*3
= 40

Q4. In a certain code language if the word format is coded as ioumdt, then how will the word business be coded?




d)None of the above

Answer: B

Explanation; It will be coded as euviqevs

Code pattern: 30303

Q5. In a certain code, P+Q means P is the father of Q; P-Q means P is the sister of Q and P/Q means P is the brother of Q.

Which is the following equation, shows that A is the uncle of D?





Answer: A

Explanation: The correct answer for this question will be (A/B+C/D)

A/B means that A is the brother of B

B+C means that B is the father of C, which means that A is the uncle of C

Now, C/D means that C is the brother of D, which means that A will be the uncle of D

Q6. Pointing to a picture of a girl, Avin said “She is daughter of the only child of my father,” if avin is a married man with two daughters and one son then how his wife related to that girl?





Answer: B

Explanation: That girl is the daughter of avin and his wife would be mother to the girl..

Q7. The father’s age is seven times that of the son. The father’s age will be three times that of his son in the following ten years. What is the father’s current age?

a) 35 years

b) 37 years

c) 39 years

d) 41 years

Answer: A


Let the age of son is X and age of father 7X

Age of son after 10 years = X+10

Age of father after 10 years = 7X + 10

As per question, after 10 years;

3(X+10) = 7X + 10

3X + 30 = 7X + 10

4X = 20

X = 5 years

∴Age of father now = 7 * 5 = 35 years

Q8. A series of books was published at 10years intervals when the 10th book was issued the sum of publication years was 19,560 when was the 1st book published

a) 1909




Answer: 1911

Explanation: the years at which books are published are terms of AP where
let first term a be x;
common difference (d) =7
number of terms(n)=7
the sum of seven terms(S7)=13524
therefore the first book was published in 1911

Q9. A sequence x1 , x2 and x3 is said to be in a harmonic progression if the reciprocals 1/x1, 1/x2 and 1/x3 are in arithmetic progression. The 5th term and the 7th term for an harmonic progression are 30 and 50 respectively. What is the difference between the 6th and 4th term?

a) 12.5

b) 13.4

c) 14.5

d) 16

Answer: A

Explanation: hp series is

so applying this
5th term is 30=a/1+4d

and 7th term is 50=a/1+6d

so from this two eq. we get

and d=-1/9

putting this two for 4th and 6th term we get 4th
term =25 ..6th term=37.5


The combined ages of the father and son are 44 years. What are their current ages if, in 6 years, the father will be 3 times as old as his son?

a)36, 8

b)38, 6

c)35, 9

d)37, 7

Answer: A


Let present age of son is X and present age of father is (44 -X).

As per question, after 6 years;

3(X+6) = (44 – X) +6

3X +18 = 50 – X

4X = 50 – 18

4X = 32

X = 8 years

∴Present age of son = 8 years

And, present of father = 44 – 8 = 36 years



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