Roadmap for Complete Interview Preparation

Complete Interview Preparation Roadmap

Here you’ll get a roadmap for Complete Interview Preparation for all the companies.

Below we will share the following –

  1. Roadmap for preparation
  2. Direct Links to courses

Complete interview preparation

Detailed Roadmap For Interview Preparation

We have suggestions to start your Complete Interview Preparation.

Soft Skills

These are important generally for HR Interviews we recommend you to go ahead with them.

Time to Prepare: It should take you around 7-10 days to complete the soft skills topics.

Direct Links to courses –

Coding & Languages

These are ideal for interview to demonstrate your coding skills and language knowledge.

Time to Prepare: It should take around 20-25 days to complete these topics.

Direct Links to courses –

CS Subjects

These are only valid for people who are in CS/IT

Time to Prepare: It should take around 10 days to complete all the subjects.


Skills are important since you may want higher package jobs and these companies prefer that you get certifications in skills like AI/ML/Cloud/Cyber Security etc.

Time to Prepare: It should take around 25-30 days.

Company Specific Interview Modules

After completing the aforementioned modules, we advise preparing from the following courses, which may also have some additional videos for you to watch as well depending on the companies you are preparing for –

There are other courses as well which you can find from home page under Interview Preparation carousels –

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