Infosys Reasoning Ability Syllabus 2023


Infosys has updated their Infosys Syllabus 2023 for On and Off-Campus Recruitment. For any company, we analyze each on-campus or off-campus drive to provide the most accurate Infosys Reasoning Ability syllabus and Test Pattern.

This page provides a detailed explanation of the Infosys Logical Reasoning Ability Syllabus for 2023 batch. Make sure you read the complete syllabus in order to avoid missing out on any crucial information.

Infosys Logical Reasoning Ability Test Syllabus

Logical reasoning is the most difficult section asked in the Written Test Pattern for Infosys.

NOTE – Cryptarithmetic is the most important topic that may or may not comes in Logical Section.

Below is given is the sectional analytics of Infosys Logical Section for year 2023

Logical Test For Infosys
Number of Questions 15 Questions
Time Limit 25 Min
Difficulty Level Hard
Type of Exam Adaptive
Mode of Exam Online
Negative Marking No


Infosys Logical Reasoning Ability Papers for Online Test

Click on the topics below and practice questions topic wise from Infosys Logical Questions from previous papers –

More info about Infosys Logical Reasoning

Number of Questions – 15
Time Limit – 25 mins
Difficulty – Medium
Adaptive – Yes

Puzzle 0 or 2 High High 1 min
Arrangements 0 or 1 Medium High 2 mins
Syllogisms 0 or 1 Medium High 1 min 10 sec
Coding-Decoding 0 or 2 Medium High 2 mins
Number series 0 or 1 High Medium 50 sec
Cryptarithmetic 1 or 2 Easy-medium Medium 1 min 30 sec
Clocks and Calendar 0 or 1 Medium High 2 mins
Data Sufficiency 0 or 2 Easy High 55 sec
Most logical choice 0 or 1 Medium High 1 min
Logical Deduction 0 or 2 Medium Medium 1 min 45 sec


Infosys Reasoning Ability Test Paper Based FAQs

Question: What is the level o difficulty for infosys logical reasoning papers and how should i practice for it? what will be the best study material to prepare and clear the cut-off?

ANSWER: The paper in logical section is of moderate difficulty but practice is required since the competition will be very high. Regarding the study material, we think that we have the best study resources for you to practice before the exams; also no need to study from model papers, mock papers, etc. It is better if you directly study from previous year logical questions.

question: in how many days can i prepare for the infosys reasoning questions and the whole infosys paper?

ANSWER: We think about 1 month will be sufficient for the preparation of the test including the Infosys Reasoning Questions and the other sections like Infosys Quants, English, etc. – which if you want to study you can find them here on our Infosys Main Dashboard.

question: why is infosys logical reasoning so tough? is there any particular reason for them to do so?

ANSWER: Yes, they have a good reason for this. Since the engineers from different branches can apply for an IT job in Infosys, even the one who don’t have enough Coding Knowledge, and so, Infosys tests their logical thinking and reasoning ability. This is also done to be sure that the candidate can learn the skills needed for coding and has the logical thinking ability required in coding.

question: which is the toughest section for infosys reasoning paper?

ANSWER: The Cryptarithmetic paper is the toughest. Through the questions provided on our website for this section, you can practice how to solve these questions correctly, whilst saving time as well. Mugging up is not a preferred practice as there can be variations in the questions.

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