How to Prepare for Service Based Companies

Below we will share the following –

  1. Roadmap for preparation
  2. Direct Links to coursesRoadmap for Service Based Companies

Detailed Roadmap For Service Based Companies

Above we have shared recommended month by month roadmap for preparation using PrepInsta Prime Courses that you can follow. The roadmap has been divided into

  • Aptitude Basics
  • Soft Skills
  • Languages & Subjects
  • Coding

These are suggestions for simultaneous preparation via different course

Foundational Courses

Aptitude Basics

This is must for getting ahead in placement process. Companies usually ask these to filter the students.

Time to Prepare: It should take you around 20-25 days to complete the Aptitude Section.

Direct Links to courses –

Soft Skills

This is tested in your interview so practice more. We have designed dedicated modules for you.

Time to Prepare: It’ll take around 3-4 days to complete these.

Direct Links to courses –

Languages & Subjects

We have created a complete module for this. Click below to check out each topic.

Time to Prepare: It’ll take around 15-20 days to complete.

Direct Links to courses –


If you are aiming for high package job. You need to work hard on this & get as better as possible.

Time to Prepare: It should take you around 30-40 days to get a good command on your coding skills.

Direct Links to courses –

Company Specific Courses

Once you complete above foundation courses we suggested practicing previous year papers from the below courses, which may also have some additional videos for you to watch as well depending on the companies you are preparing for –

For a detailed Preparation Plan of Service Based Companies check here:-

Preparation Strategies For Service Based Companies

There are other courses as well which you can find from home page under service based/product based company carousels –

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