How to prepare for Data Science/ Analytics companies

Roadmap for Data Science/ Analytics companies

Here you’ll get a roadmap for Data Science/ Analytics companies i.e Zs Associates, Mu Sigma, Fractal Analytics, The Math Company, Flipkart, Amazon

Below we will share the following –

  1. Roadmap for preparation
  2. Direct Links to courses


Detailed Roadmap For Data Science/ Analytics companies

  We have suggestions to start your preparation for Data Science/ Analytics companies.


Below we have added the modules that you need to prepare for the Data Science/Analytics companies. Click on the links to access the modules.


One of the most important aspects of getting placed in any company. We have created a complete module for this.  Click on topics below to access all the practice content:


Aptitude Basics

This acts as a filter for the companies, usually asked in the 1st round of any placement drives. We have created modules for each of the topics.  Click on the link below to access the modules:

Soft Skills

We have created modules for this as well. Click on the topics below to access the syllabus.


Technical Skills

Skill basically enhances the knowledge, competencies and abilities to perform operational tasks. We have created dedicated modules for you that will help you in mastering the skills. Once you complete these modules you’ll be experienced enough to give the Data Science/Analytics companies exams. Here are the modules link:

Company Specific Courses

Once you complete above modules we suggested practicing previous year papers from the below courses, which may also have some additional videos for you to watch as well depending on the companies you are preparing for –

There are other courses as well which you can find from home page under service based/product based company carousels –

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