How to install Mysql Workbench

In this blog, we are going to discuss How to install Mysql Workbench on both Windows and macOS.

Guide for Windows and Mac users

If you want to work in the data Analytics domain then SQL is a must for you. Because SQL is the third most popular language on the Stackoverflow developers survey 2022.

stack overflow developers survey 2022Stackoverflow Developers Survey 2022

Table of Contents :

  1. What is MySQL?
  2. Why MySQL?
  3. What is MySQL workbench?
  4. Installing MySQL Workbench on Windows
  5. ODBC Installation Failures
  6. Installing MySQL Workbench on Mac

MySQL Workbench is a cross-platform software powered by Oracle, which lets you perform development with MySQL Databases. MySQL Workbench is an open-source, fast, reliable, and highly scalable database management system.

What is MySQL

MySQL is a publicly accessible Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) that uses Structured Query language (SQL) to interact with databases. MySQL stores data in the form of tables that can be modified using Structured Query Language. Its adaptability with different computing systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, and Ubuntu has made it an easy-going RDBMS software option.


Why MySQL?

These are the reasons to choose MySQL over another relational database software.

  1. Open Source — MySQL is open-source software. You don’t have to spend a single penny to access its services.
  2. Cross-Platform — MySQL can run on Windows, Linux, Unix, and other operating systems.
  3. High Availability — MySQL possesses a high processing system that makes MySQL process bulk queries and transactions while ensuring unique memory caches.
  4. Reliability — SSH and SSL provide secure connections in MySQL. MySQL comes with features such as data encryption and data backup for recovery.

Apart from all these features when it comes to learning and professional development MySQL comes in the top 3 among other software available.

stack overflow developers survey 2022

58.4% of people choose MySQL to learn.

stack overflow developers survey 2022

Professional Developers PostgreSQL just barely took over the first place spot from MySQL.

I think these are enough to understand why MySQL is important in 2022.

What is MySQL Workbench?

MySQL Workbench is a unified software used to add functionality and ease to SQL development work. MySQL Workbench provides data modelling, SQL development, and various administration tools for configuration. It also offers a graphical interface to work with the databases in a structured way.

My sql workbench

Installing MySQL Workbench on Windows

Moving on, you will look at how to install MySQL Workbench on Windows. The installation process is similar to other operating systems.

Read till the end to avoid common failures that occur while installing on the Windows

  1. Open the MySQL website on a browser. Click on the following link: MySQL Downloads.
  2. Select the Downloads option.Mysql download
  1. Select MySQL Installer for Windows.
    install mysql
  2. Choose the desired installer and click on download.
    install mysql
  3. After the download, open the installer.
  4. It will ask for permission; when it does, click Yes. The installer will then open. Now, it will ask to choose the setup type. Here, select Custom.
    install mysql
  5. Click on Next. With this, you will install MySQL server, MySQL Workbench, and MySQL shell.
  6. Open MySQL Servers, select the server you want to install and move it to the Products/Features to be installed window section. Now, expand Applications, choose MySQL Workbench and MySQL shell. Move both of them to Products/Features to be installed.
    install mysql
  7. Click on the Next button. Now, click on the Execute button to download and install the MySQL server, MySQL Workbench, and MySQL shell.
    install mysql
  8. Once the product is ready to configure, click on Next. Under Type and Networking, go with the default settings and select Next.
    install mysql
  9. For authentication, use the recommended strong password encryption.
  10. Set your MySQL Root password and click on next.
    install mysql
  11. Go for the default windows service settings and under apply configuration, click on execute. Once the configuration is complete, click on finish.
    install mysql
  12. Complete the installation. This will now launch the MySQL Workbench and the MySQL Shell.
    install mysql

Once MySQL Workbench is installed, select the Local instance and enter the password.

Now, you can use the MySQL query tab to write your SQL queries.

ODBC Installation Failures

Occasionally, the installation of the ODBC driver will fail. While this is not necessary for the server to run, it may be necessary to connect to some components of Microsoft Office through MySQL.

To resolve this, you’ll need to download the Visual Studio 2010 C++ Runtime, as well as the ODBC Driver from Oracle directly.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

Once this is downloaded, you can install it. This may prompt for administrator credentials. After installation, please reboot your PC. Then try to install MySQL Workbench.

Installing MySQL Workbench on macOS

To install MySQL Workbench on macOS you have two options to follow :

Option 1: Normal Installation

To install MySQL Workbench on macOS steps 1 to 4 from windows installation will be the same just change the operating system preference in step 4 ( Sometimes it will detect automatically).

After that, you can follow all the steps from step 5 to step 14 from the windows installation you will notice the changes in UI only. otherwisee, all options and functionalities will be the same.

Option 2: Install using the DMG file

MySQL Workbench for macOS is distributed as a DMG file. The file is named mysql-workbench-community-version-osx.dmg, where the version is the MySQL Workbench version.

MySQL Workbench provides platform support for the latest version of macOS only (see supported platforms). The previous version continues to be supported for a transition period of six months after each new version of macOS is released.

Downloads are available at

Double-click the downloaded file to open the installation window shown in the figure that follows.

mysql install on Mac

Drag the MySQL Workbench icon onto the Applications icon as instructed. MySQL Workbench is now installed. You can now launch MySQL Workbench from the Applications folder or the command line.

To launch MySQL Workbench on macOS, open the Applications folder in the Finder, then double-click MySQL Workbench.

If you want to learn more about SQL check this: SQL tutorial.