How to Apply for TCS NQT?

How to Apply for TCS NQT 2023 ?

How to Apply for TCS NQT ? The official announcement of the TCS NQT (National Qualifier Test) 2023 has been released. You can now showcase your abilities and potential in the National Qualifier Test, and depending on your test results, you’ll be shortlisted for Ninja or Digital Interviews.

How to Apply In TCS NQT 2023: Where Can I Find All the Information? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Along with some common mistakes, as even little mistakes could lead to disqualification from the placement exam.

When applying for TCS NQT, make sure you have this page open in one tab because we have described each step in detail here.

TCS NQT Important Information
Registration starts on 23rd June 2022 onwards
Registration Ends on 22nd July 2022
Online Test 15th August 2022 onwards
Interview Starts on Will be Informed by mail


Be careful not to enter any unnecessary information when filling out the TCS NQT Application form because even a small error could have a big impact on the Hall Ticket.

Even if you provide all of the necessary details in the appropriate order, it’s possible that the TCS System won’t recognise you, in which case your hall ticket won’t be issued.

How To Apply for TCS NQT

You must first log in to the page before completing out the form; however, even if you are logged in, we advise that you create a new profile. The steps below can be used to create a new profile:

  1. Click on Register Now: Click “Register Now” on the TCS Next Step Portal. After being directed to the TCS Next Step website, select “Register Now.”
  2. Select Category: You have two options to choose from on this slide. Select IT from the available two options (BPS and IT).
  3. Application Form and Personal Details: Enter your personal information exactly as it appears on your ID proof after carefully reading each point.
  4. Answer Security Questions and Confirm your details: You have to follow some security steps. They are just to make sure that the site isn’t accessed by any bot. You will be asked to confirm the information you entered after clicking the submit button. You can continue if the entered information is correct.

  5. Note down your Application ID: You will get your TCS NQT registration ID in this process. Here on this page you will get your DTR number. Save that number for future reference. Now click on Continue.

After registering, you must complete the TCS NQT form.

  1. Filling your Personal Details: Fill up the personal information area with all relevant data. Click Save and Continue to continue after providing the essential information.
  2. Academic and work experience details: The following details about your education must be filled out in this section: Details about higher education, Graduation details, XII Grade or equivalent details, X Grade details, If you have done any other course, then you can mention that under “Any Other Qualification ” section.  Details of your prior work experience.
  3. Other details: You must fill out this part with your nationality, languages spoken, accomplishments, and any scholarships or certifications you may have received. Your resume and a picture of yourself are the last but not least.
  4. Application Form Preview and Declaration: This is the last part.  You must fill the declaration part and preview the application form by clicking the application form button.
  5. Apply for TCS Recruitment Drive: In this area, you can select the exam mode. Choose Remote if you want to take the test at home; select In-Center if you prefer to go to a TCS-chosen testing location and then Apply.

A final popup will appear and your form status will change to Applied.

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